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Non Traditional + Authentic + a touch WIld

We belive in the creative power of film and music. An intentional combination of the two is the closest way to truly relive an experience.  

We serve those who appreciate that a wedding film is more than just a wedding film. It should be an experience that serves to capture the essence of who you truly are and what thrills your soul. 

We strive to learn what you value.
We serve to let you live in the moment.

Wedding films that are...

This moment in your life is huge. It's something you've always dreamed of. It's the thing you've spent countless hours planning for. You're doing the thing with that one person you love the most.... and you want to remember it all.

There's just some things a picture can not capture. The sweet comments your father made while he walked you down the aisle, the way you took your partners breathe away when they saw you first; these moments are only able to be relived through movement and sound. Your wedding film should be one of the most important decisions about your wedding day. 

A wedding film is valuable. It is ESSENTIAL.

love is rad and we want to tell the story all about yours.

We're Daylon and lauren

Allow us to
introduce ourselves!

Hannah L.

"They really felt like part of the wedding party by the end of it. Our wedding video and Blue Shadow Films are by far the best investment we made for our wedding."

Alex D.

"You can tell that Blue Shadow Films has a passion for video and their clients. They came prepared, ready to help, and with all the creativity to bring to life one of the most special days of our life."

Karlee B.

"From the very beginning they made us feel comfortable and natural - something we were a little worried about because neither my husband or I like being in the spotlight/filmed."

non traditional


This isn't your cliche' wedding film laid out in chronological order to a hit love song. This is YOU visualized with intention, heart and purpose. No two couples are alike, nor should two wedding films be alike. 

Your wedding film should be a true  reflection of moments from your day, not staged photo opportunities. We take a candid approach to documenting everything we can on your wedding day. 

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