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meet Daylon and Lauren

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Our love for filmmaking began about 18 years ago, during Daylon's band days. (along with the long hair, black nail polish and eye liner 🤘🏼) We documented everything with our mini dv camera and made cheesy YouTube videos. And thank goodness we did because all of that footage is a priceless treasure we get to go back and relive. Seeing those silly moments and endless laughter is invaluable. 

As we grew older, this love for filming everything turned into documenting our own little family. It was 5 years into a teaching career that we were asked to film our first wedding with no idea what a wedding film could be. We fell right in love! We fell in love with working with people on one of the happiest days of their lives. We felt the high of capturing the most genuine smiles and laughter on camera. There was no turning back. 

With life moving at the rapid pace it does, we place so much value on living those moments that make your soul feel good, and being able to capture those moments for others is immeasurably rewarding! 

hi! We're daylon and Lauren and we're stoked to meet you!



"She's definitely the responsible one. She may possibly be the most strong willed person I've ever met. She has always supported my endeavors, no matter how crazy they were. She's goofy. She keeps me grounded. The size of her heart is rivaled by none and this trait shines through in her passion for the nursing field. 

Lauren is an amazing mother to my boys and they love her fiercely. She loves to dance. She does it unprompted and for no reason at all except it gives her joy. She's a giant softy. She cries during 4 out of 5 movies we watch (also commercials). Give her a beach chair next to some salt water and you'll catch her at her happiest."

"Daylon is such a creative and artistic soul. Give him any instrument, and he can play it. He gives 190 percent in any project, and dives full in, heart and mind. He loves going on new adventures. His happy place is anywhere with a mountain view and a clear sky for star gazing at night. He's definitely a nerd and still a giant kid at heart.

Daylon calms my fears and anxieties just by being present. He is definitely the yin to my yang, and over the last 16 years has introduced me to many new loves in my world. He is the best Daddy to our three little boys, and gives the best spikes, tickles and claws a kid could ever have. He is my best friend, and the love of my life!"

- Lauren

- Daylon

"video should invoke a certain feeling. It should take you right back to the moment as if you're reliving it all over again."

Watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon with our kiddos


Hiking Angel's Landing in Zion National Park


Watching an erupting volcano in Iceland


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Zion nat'l park

Yosemite Nat'l Park
Faroe Islands

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